circles and triangles

May 27 2013 030

last week i pinned this rainy day fun art project for Lily

i usually just let her paint/draw whatever she wants but the circle picture looked fun so i thought why not

Lily was supposed to have a playdate that afternoon but since she had one of the biggest tantrums/act out i have seen from her yet, she got grounded and therefore this circle project became her grounded day fun art project

with a black marker, i drew the circles which was kind of like making Lily her very own geometric coloring page

while she colored in the circles with water colors, she suggested we do triangles also

which we did

this was a super easy and fun project that kept her busy for quite sometime

i love the finished product and i think we will do some different shapes next

happy ARTsy wednesday!

ps- she is no longer grounded. it was just for the day

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