nature in the home

May 08 2013 015

the mantel went through some spring changes a couple of weeks ago

instead of the blown glass vases it once had on there, it now has some clear glass (from previous drinking sessions) with some clippings off the large palm tree in our backyard

when i usually clip from the tree, i put the branches in water to root and once they do, i plant them in some vases with dirt

however, this time around i will be leaving them in the clear bottles

i quite like seeing the roots exposed

joining the lovely Lou for nature in the home

the challenge was green… foliage and green flowers

May 08 2013 018 May 08 2013 019 May 08 2013 020 May 08 2013 024

a fern leaf from the backyard

May 14 2013 005

the most beautiful green orchid gifted to me for mother’s day. in our bedroom

May 14 2013 006 May 14 2013 008