a garden update. the succulent edition

May 27 2013 010

let’s talk succulents shall we?

i have always been intimidated by succulents/cacti

not just because they look prickly and not friendly most of the time but because i like to water and touch my plants and therefore i have killed a few in the past

the neighborhood we live in now is full of succulents

people’s yards, sidewalks, trees… they all have their share of succulents

our front yard has a huge aloe vera/cacti side jungle

i have embraced succulents since moving here

i have come to terms that if i just leave them alone, they will survive

it has also helped having the greenest of neighbors who gives us clippings and says “just put it in dirt and it will grow”


the picture above is an array of succulents we purchased at home depot

when we moved to this house, there was a metal fire pit in the backyard that didn’t exactly function properly (like most of the house) and so we turned it into a little succulent garden

everything in there has grown, not as fast as i thought they would but at least they are not…. dead

and neither are any of the other succulents we have planted here and there

how about you? are you a succulent lover or do they freak you out too?

joining the lovely Annie at mammasaurus for how does your garden grow

May 27 2013 011 May 27 2013 012

this one was given to us by our green neighbor (seriously he doesn’t just have green thumbs. his garden is ah-ma-zing!). it used to be a tiny little thing and it has grown so tall so fast! i don’t do anything to it and i think i only say hi to it every so often

May 27 2013 014

May 27 2013 017

this is the aloe jungle that came with this rental home but has grown so much and so fast within the year we have been here. it is great to have in case of sunburns. it grows so fast that i have taken plenty of them and spread them around the yard as well as potted some

May 27 2013 018

shadow pajama selfie. hi!

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May 27 2013 021

these aloe i have had for a long, long time. the bigger one on the left was a clipping from my friend’s aloe. hers bloomed. i am waiting for this one to do the same. it was on the balcony of our one bedroom beach apartment for most of its life and it did just ok. once we moved to this house, it almost doubled in size. it likes where it is

May 27 2013 023

more offerings from our green neighbor. i just sprinkle water on them every now and again