around here

May 27 2013 039

what? what? what? an around here post on thursday as if i think it’s friday?

what? what? what?

well, it might as well be friday

Connie got in last night from nyc and we will be driving down tonight to key west where we have rented a house until sunday

we are celebrating D’s birthday early

this past week has flown. actually, the whole month has flown

is it christmas already?

the week was full of rain, water coloring, chocolate, neighborhood walks and lots of snuggles and play on our bed

it seems to me that since the middle curtain has been open, the bed is now an even more favorite spot than before

i am so looking forward to this weekend

even if it rains… which hopefully it won’t the whole time

most of my favorite people will be with me so i am so happy and excited!

even Foxy will be there

i am taking the weekend off from this place for the most part but you can be sure i will return with a thousand (seriously) pictures to share with you

i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

ps- instagram… i am soooo hooked!! especially since Will got me a new phone with an amazing screen. hooked! you can find me here

May 27 2013 002

Foxy Brown sunbathing

May 27 2013 004

isn’t it funny that we will be here in this yellow house for one year next month and yet i only started opening the middle curtain up this past week? wonderful rainy day light

May 27 2013 006

May 27 2013 025

a daffy duck moment

May 27 2013 048

helping with laundry. she likes to fold her own undies and socks

May 27 2013 046

May 27 2013 055

in the love nest

May 26 2013 111

loving my new kitchen orchids

May 29 2013 001

watercolor hearts

May 29 2013 002 May 29 2013 004

May 29 2013 005

triangle splits

May 29 2013 009 May 29 2013 010


May 29 2013 011 May 29 2013 013

a lion

May 29 2013 014

an elephant