back at home from the most amazing weekend


happy monday friends!

we are back from key west and where can i start….?

it was the most amazing weekend, with the most amazing people in the most amazing house


we did not leave the house with the exception of grocery store errands

if we are friends on facebook you have probably seen some of the pictures, if you follow me on instagram, you have probably seen a bit more pictures

it was an amazing time and once i am done editing all of my phone and camera pictures (oh boy) i will get a key west post ready for you

maybe two posts? maybe a whole week of key west posts since i know we all wish we were still there?

i have lots of catching up to do…

i have some blog visiting to do from the wonderful blog community of the 52 project, satcap, how does your garden grow and nature in the home

i have laundry to do. lots of laundry

and of course every day life catching up to do

but, today is monday, Connie is still here and i think we will just take it easy and reflect on the amazing weekend we just had

hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well

ps- it’s june????? i totally missed that. what the…..???