June 01 2013 134

one of my main requirements for our key west home was a pool

i knew that with a pool in the backyard Lily would be easily entertained and that most likely none of us would have to go anywhere

it just happened to have gone that way

Lily was in the pool the whole day. every day while we were there

from the moment she woke up (literally) to the moment she went to bed at night

on friday morning, after she had gotten herself very comfortable with the pool, i started giving her some little swimmimng lessons without her water wings on (i am by no means a swimming teacher) and she was game for keeping it going

she practiced swimming under water all of friday

by saturday afternoon she was swimming under water the whole width of the pool

back and forth, back and for forth she swam from one side of the pool to the other

i am so proud and happy for her!

Lily has always been a water baby and how wonderful that she will now have the freedom to do it on her own

she still has a little more to learn (like swimming with her head above water) but she has come a long way already

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