a ballet photoshoot


yesterday was Lily’s last ballet class until the next session begins again in august

this session will officially end on sunday when Lily’s ballet school will put on a spring concert in miami beach in which she and her fellow ballerinas will be in

the girls have been working hard on their dance number every tuesday

last tuesday they got to put on their recital costumes so they could get their picture taken

i must confess that it was a bit emotional for me to see Lily all dressed up, getting her picture taken with her classmates… she is becoming such a young lady

i am a little curious (and nervous for her) to see how she does on that stage because she froze at her school’s talent show

i have a feeling she will be just fine though

let’s hope

IMAG0051_1 IMAG0048_1 IMAG0055_1

Lily and her ballet teacher, miss Morgan


Lily and her ballet bestie, Raven


i get a cavity every time i look at this picture


at the photoshoot waiting her turn


in class working on their dance number for the recital. pretending she had a parasol