nature in the home

April 15 2013 001

i have been really enjoying this nature in the home series

i get to look at flowers that season in different parts of the world, i get to take peeks into people’s lovely homes…

it’s been wonderful

until you throw hedgerow at me


i seriously had to google it

ahhhhhh…. hedgerow. i know it

i mean, i don’t really know it. but i have seen pictures and i always think beautiful english and french gardens

i have not seen any hedgerow around my neighborhood

i think our miami weather is too tropical and gardens are a bit wild and jungle like around here

this beautiful plant arrangement was given to us by our neighbor with the most beautiful yard and the greenest of thumbs

this plant can be an outside plant just as well as an inside plant

it’s quite easy to grow actually

just break a stem and plant it in some dirt

it will grow

in the shade or in the sun, it will grow

this is my hedgerow

joining the lovely Lou for nature in the home

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