a garden update

June 05 2013 013

let’s face it, if i could just have a garden full of orchids i would be a very happy girl

actually, i am slowly working on it and with the help of my orchid giving husband and friends, i will hopefully get there

after last week’s post with nothing other than green succulents i decided to show you some flowers this week

again, forgive me because i am not good with the name of flowers

joining the lovely Annie at mammasaurus for how does your garden grow

ps- i think this has become my favorite link up by far because all of you lovely ladies blog play so well!

June 05 2013 012 June 05 2013 017

June 05 2013 014

i replanted this orchid into this planter probably almost two years ago. i think there are actually three in there. i didn’t think i was going to see it bloom ever again because for the longest of times it just didn’t do anything. until a couple of weeks ago when it sprouted and now it has fresh buds on it. i can’t wait!! i think they will be white orchids

June 05 2013 015 June 05 2013 019

this little guy was obviously ready for his close-up because this is the closest i have gotten to a lizard with my camera

June 05 2013 020

we purchased this plant a while ago and i love it. it is no maintenance at all. all it needs is water and it seems to love where it is. in partial sun. it’s tiny purple flowers remind me of mini orchids

June 05 2013 021

June 05 2013 024

i like to call this piece the “boat”. i found this piece of wood on our street in front of a neighbor’s house. i think it was once a piece of roof trim? anyway, once i saw it, i envisioned it looking exactly how it does now. filled with flowers. the tree in the center was once in the gutter of our back awning. its roots ran the whole width of the gutter on both sides. pretty crazy right? we trimmed the roots a bit but they basically run the whole width of the boat

June 05 2013 025 June 05 2013 022 June 05 2013 023

these are actually orchids also

June 05 2013 026

oh hello future gardenia

June 05 2013 030

we purchased this calla lily at ikea. it must love where it is because it has more than doubled in size

June 05 2013 028 June 05 2013 029

June 05 2013 032

i’m not sure what this is called but i think it might be considered a succulent? these three were basically buried in the kitchen window sill box in front of the house and ever since Will planted them in this planter they have really grown and blossomed

June 05 2013 031