23/52. twenty thirteen


“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013”

when i first set out to do this fifty two project, the plan was to only post quality nikon pictures

but then i got a new phone with fun new settings, we went to key west and in a fast moment (cause you know, three year olds move fast) i took this picture of Lily

i love this picture of her wearing my favorite caftan so much

i wore this caftan while pregnant with Lily so many times and here she is only three years old wearing it

this image of Lily is how i will remember her every time i will think of her on the key west trip

it is an iconic picture of her for me

i so wish i had captured it with my nikon

and so here is a phone picture for the fifty two project

and because i like to keep them cohesive (for a future book) here is one of Foxy too


Foxy Brown in key west

sunbathing in the morning

cause what else does he do?

favorites from last week: Will&Isla, Sunny&Scout, Tanja Myrbraten, Lily, Ruby&Mila, cinnamon girl and Miss9&Miss13

i went for a lot of sibling action this past week. that is not a hint