nature in the home

June 05 2013 002

in 1998 when a friend of mine moved across the country from new jersey to utah, he left his tiny plant with me

when he gave me the plant, it was in a small orange pot (which i still have) and it was maybe a foot tall with possibly eight leaves on it

last week when i read “your favourite plant” as the nature in the home challenge for this week i knew that it meant my beloved Clyde

once a tiny little guy, Clyde is now way taller than me

he has grown into a huge plant with the original branch being the smaller part of him now

he needs a higher ceiling actually

Clyde who i consider my oldest child, has moved with me several times up and down this east coast of the united states

he has also lived with me in many homes

he himself only having had three pots so far

always happy

Clyde is my favorite plant

maybe a bit over the top of me but if anything were to happen to Clyde i would be deeply saddened

joining the lovely Lou for nature in the home

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and then there are of course my orchid plants. i love orchids, inside and outside

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