a garden update

June 11 2013 023

there hasn’t been much going on in the garden lately

there has been lots of rain and it is getting really hot

so, today i would like to share a little bit of the front yard with you

a place i often struggle with because again this is a rental and so there is only so much we can/will do

joining the lovely Annie at mammasaurus for how does your garden grow

June 11 2013 015

do you remember this orchid from last week?

i thought the orchids were going to be white but to my surprise they are yellow

now, i am going to go on a little rant about our avocado tree…

how could i go on an avocado tree rant?

because not only are they just big watery tasteless florida avocados but tuesday morning when i went to check on the yard, i saw that the other orchid that was open along with two unopened buds were on the ground due to a fallen avocado

our avocado tree is an orchid killer

so, i moved the orchid to the front porch

which actually works out quite nicely since i get to see another orchid now when i am at the kitchen sink

and you know, the more orchids i see the better

the front porch is a small space where we often hang out with friends when it is not too buggy

it is where the yellow orchid now resides (and hopefully will be happy) along with some other potted plants and succulents

we will be going to west virginia for two weeks tomorrow so for the next two weeks i will be showing you my inlaws beautiful gardens

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