a garden update

July 19 2013 021

it rained for days last week

non stop

i really thought my plants were drowning

but somehow they managed to survive

i am not feeling great about our garden lately

i must confess that i have BIG time envy of all your beautiful flowers and english gardens

joining Emma at Helvetia Handmade who is filling in this week for Annie

July 19 2013 045

the succulents are doing great

July 19 2013 044

July 19 2013 051

July 19 2013 052 July 19 2013 055 July 19 2013 057

and so is this air plant that was not doing well until i planted it in the “boat”

July 19 2013 058 July 19 2013 056

oh hey some flowers and some color other than green

July 19 2013 053

the gardenia although without any gardenias, has really grown. the small calla lilies have a lot of brown on the leaves but i am leaving them for now

July 19 2013 054

this poor thing is barely surviving. barely. hang in there buddy

July 19 2013 015

our cocktail tree is rockin’

July 19 2013 030

the peppers are… weird?

July 19 2013 031

the pineapple tops that i planted are looking good and the sweet potatoes are totally taking over

July 19 2013 029

Will cut down all the tomato plants and now Ivan stands alone

July 19 2013 033

these two different kinds of cuban oregano are like nothing i have ever seen. they grow huge and so fast!

July 19 2013 032

mr Brown

July 19 2013 048

there is new growth in this tree

July 19 2013 047

there is still one orchid standing. solo

July 19 2013 046

i took these blooming aloe out from the front yard and replanted them into this pot

July 19 2013 016

i also took all the succulents that were in HERE and re-planted them into individual pots and put them inside (here)

July 19 2013 059

nature volunteer. i always admire these when i go for walks around the neighborhood so i was happy when this one appeared in our yard

July 19 2013 060

the desert rose has new green on it and i am seeing what that other bulb is going to do. i took it from a tree on a sidewalk during a neighborhood walk

July 19 2013 061

new rose on its way