a garden update

July 25 2013 009

there have been no major changes in our garden since last week

the hibiscus in our front yard however have been blowing my mind

they have the most intense colors

i just wish they would last longer

unfortunately, they only last one day

joining Charley over at PODcast who is filling in for Annie this week

July 25 2013 006

two at once. what a treat

July 31 2013 023

and speaking of hibiscus, our neighbor has some lovely ones in her yard that often make it into our yard through the fence. like this beauty

July 31 2013 025 July 31 2013 028

this is the last blooming orchid. it sits in our front porch

July 20 2013 023

these little pink flowers magically appeared amongst the coleus. i was happy they stuck around for a while

July 20 2013 024

July 22 2013 005

last week’s rose bloomed

July 31 2013 030

most of the aloe in the front yard are blooming

July 31 2013 031

July 31 2013 020

and because i wanted to focus mostly on whatever flowers there are, these little beauties. i don’t know what they are but they are always such a little treat next to the fence

July 31 2013 022