around here/according to my phone


usually these around here posts are based on the weekly photos i take with my nikon

believe it or not, aside from pictures of the new necklaces i made for the shop (here) and some future what i wore posts, i did not take any pictures of what is going on around here

what will i do tomorrow for the 52 project????

we have been busy

with Lily in summer camp, Connie here and some future things in the works that i am not ready to share on here yet, we have been busy

busy enough and out of the house enough for me to get “dressed” for

but, just like always there have been delicious home cooked dinners

there have also been some lunches out more than usual

happy friday friends

hope you all have a wonderful weekend

ps- you can always see all the happenings first HERE

IMAG3597_1 IMAG3618 IMAG3610_1 IMAG3621 IMAG3626 IMAG3636 IMAG3641 IMAG3642 IMAG3648 IMAG3651 IMAG3653 IMAG3655 IMAG3657 IMAG3659 IMAG3661 IMAG3663 IMAG3665 IMAG3681 IMAG3683 IMAG3688_1 IMAG3691_1 IMAG3693_1 IMAG3695_1