a garden update. the new yard

August 25 2013 003

this past weekend was spent in the new yard

or our new jungle i should say

between the trimming of trees, bushes, pulling of weeds, wracking of leaves and picking up garbage/unwanted items left by the previous tenants, we had our work cut out for us

but, with the help of good friends and awesome neighbors, we did it!

i have found that if you provide food, drinks, good music (bob marley) and good company, people are actually pretty happy and willing to help

i wish i had taken pictures of what the yard looked like before but we kind of dove right in and got to it

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

August 25 2013 002

this was saturday’s mess. by sunday we had triple the amount of mess out on the street. and by 11am on monday it was all gone

August 25 2013 004

our own green babies in the new yard

August 25 2013 005

we have our own giant iguana and stags horn now

August 25 2013 006

Will was a happy man with a ladder and a machete

August 25 2013 008

while we all slaved away, Lily did her best at occupying herself in the pool. it’s a hard 3 year old life i tell you…

August 25 2013 009

a new little haven was created right away after some sweeping

August 25 2013 010

more cleaning up

August 25 2013 011

i wish i had taken a picture of this area before Will started clearing it out for our future vegetable garden. it was a massive jungle!

August 25 2013 012 August 25 2013 013

the pond. completely overgrown

August 25 2013 014

it takes a village

August 25 2013 015 August 25 2013 016 August 25 2013 017 August 25 2013 020 August 25 2013 038

the pond after. now the tiny fish in there actually have room to swim

August 25 2013 022

our clean up mess

August 25 2013 024 August 25 2013 027

Will got to drive a big boy truck when picking up our large planters from the yellow house (our neighbor’s truck)

August 25 2013 029 August 25 2013 031

the boat made it safely

August 25 2013 032

this area was completely filled with dead leaves and weeds. once we cleaned it up, we created a cactus garden

August 25 2013 034

our planters from the yellow house in their new home

August 25 2013 037

this bench was over by the entry way. once we cleaned out this area, i moved the bench over here. i think it will be a favorite sitting spot of mine

August 25 2013 039

it was a crazy jungle behind the pool as well. the whole place was a crazy jungle actually. now it is much more open and clean. i placed some pots on the pool waterfall wall

August 25 2013 040

i’m sure this will change a bit but this is how the plants will stay for the meanwhile. hopefully they will do well

August 25 2013 041

welcome to your new home boat