a garden update

September 04 2013 027

i was putting laundry away yet again when i realized what day it was

with our recent move into this new home, i have been mostly inside

but shit!

how does your garden grow?

i quickly grabbed my camera and ran into the backyard to see what was happening up close instead of just out the window

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

September 04 2013 028

these make me happy because they are a color other than just green. i have yet to find out what they are called

September 04 2013 029 September 04 2013 030

these grow like weeds. there is a new baby coming up and i had just recently planted the big one in this pot

September 04 2013 031

oh hey avocado

September 04 2013 024

the cocktail tree continues on blooming and being fruitful

September 04 2013 034

September 04 2013 026

i need to trim the rose bush so it can keep blooming

September 04 2013 035

these also make me happy cause you know, color

September 04 2013 036

the pond is looking great and what was left in there is already growing

September 04 2013 032

star fruit!! (or carambola if you will) we have star fruit!!!

September 04 2013 033

they will be the death of me because every day there are at least ten on the ground. bruised and gross

excuse the toes

i haven’t had time for those either