around here

August 30 2013 004

this past week was spent mostly inside turning this house into a home with the exception of going out to run some errands. for the home

Lily started school again on wednesday and every morning she wakes up all excited to get dressed and ready to go to see her friends and teachers. it’s a good feeling

but let’s go back to turning a house into a home, shall we?

this week i thought hard about what makes a home

i thought hard about all of my past homes and homes of friends and family that feel like “homes”

places i visit and when i do, just by looking around, i can get a sense of the person who lives there, places they have visited and things they like collecting

i have tried in the past to minimize

when i look at pinterest and other decorating blogs, i am often attracted to minimal spaces

as appealing as they may look to the eye, places like this, this and this (to name a few) is where i feel most at home

minimal may have its advantages, like making cleaning easy but, it tells me nothing

it doesn’t feel personal. it has no story. it has no soul

this weekend we will continue on making this house our home by doing things like hanging curtain rods, curtains, art and such

happy friday friends. i wish you all a wonderful weekend

August 30 2013 023

a quiet birthday celebration

August 30 2013 048

an album cover

August 30 2013 119

happy we moved

August 25 2013 035

a swim date

September 02 2013 011

i love her room. almost done

September 02 2013 009

we have a full on threenager

September 04 2013 001

friends hold doors for each other

September 04 2013 002

a bedroom with a view

September 04 2013 020

these neglected moving toes need help. asap

September 04 2013 021

a kitchen window

September 04 2013 023

hopefully our gas will be turned on soon

September 04 2013 022

a favorite window

September 04 2013 003

she loves getting herself dressed now that she has her own wardrobe and she can reach everything

September 04 2013 007

getting herself ready for the first day of school

September 04 2013 018

i have no words