then and now

September 04 2013 017

when Lily started school part-time last year in september, it was all new to her

she was almost three years old and she had only been with me until then

on that first day of school, although excited, she was nervous and shy

we stayed with her a bit once we got her there and she happily stayed with her new teachers and classmates

it all went well

this year, she has started school full time and she knew exactly what to expect

the day before the first day of school, she picked out a new outfit to wear at target (i know, fancy) and the morning of, she got dressed all by herself in her new digs

it has been a week since she has started school this year and every morning she wakes up excited and ready to get herself dressed

there have even been some mornings where she hasn’t come into our room the moment she woke

i find her in her room awake getting ready

when i look at her daily, i know she has grown

i know she is taller, her hair longer, her vocabulary more developed, she is smarter….

but when i look at a picture of her from last year on the day she started school compared to this year….

it is like i am looking at a whole different girl

she is blossoming into the most wonderful person and i am just so proud to be her mama


left- september 2012. right- september 2013