a garden update

September 09 2013 012

hello pretty rose!

nothing terribly exciting in the new garden this week

i did some re-potting as you will see and moved some plants around

other than that, same old/new

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

September 09 2013 015

these that i posted about last week happen to be a kind of ginger. not the edible kind but still very cool

September 09 2013 008

the aloe plants that we brought from the yellow house and replanted along a rock way are doing great

September 09 2013 006

these pretty yellow spotted leaves

September 09 2013 009

i also finally re-potted the cuban oregano that we brought from the yellow house. hello tiny lizard

September 09 2013 010

Lily’s beans that she planted during summer camp are really growing

September 09 2013 011

i replanted the small citronella plant that our neighbor gave us (to keep away mosquitoes)  and i also replanted a succulent plant that was outgrowing its small pot

September 09 2013 016

life in the “boat” is going well. the big tree had a lot of leaves fall off but now it seems that it has adjusted well to its new spot

September 09 2013 017 September 09 2013 018

this crazy thing. hello!

September 09 2013 020

oh, carambola. picking these things up has become a new part time job