it’s not all fairies and rainbows


this past weekend was a challenging one with Lily

on friday she had a playdate over at the house with one of our neighbors’ daughter who she has become quite friendly with

the girls played in Lily’s room for hours, Will and i took them both to dogma for hotdogs, ice cream and while dropping Savannah off, they got to play even longer into the night

it was definitely past Lily’s bed time once we got home but hey, it was the weekend

while getting out of the car, she started acting out

i quickly reminded Lily that saturday’s sleepover at our house with Savannah would be all up to her and her behavior

she began to act out even more

so i told her there would be no sleepover


scream, after scream from an awful threenager

as she continued to scream while getting ready for bed, i tried my hardest to not scream even louder while reminding her of how awful and ungrateful she was being after the great playdate we had provided her with

where was the thank you???

all i could hear was a spoiled rotten brat

i struggled with what had happened all that night and i struggled with it the morning after

after the anger and disappointment towards her actions had lifted, the mom guilt settled in

how have i failed as a mother for her to act the way she did?

we not only use but reinforce manners around here, we don’t scream at each other…

we are trying to raise a respectful, well mannered and well rounded person and what i saw friday night was far from it

i had quite the strict upbringing from my mom

although i am nowhere near as strict with Lily as my mom was with me, i am not the kind of parent who is afraid to say “no!” to my child

or to take things away from her (like the sleepover. it didn’t happen. obviously)

life is not all about fairies and rainbows after all

i realize Lily was tired and that she is a three (almost four) year old but she needs to learn

she needs to learn that such behavior is not only unacceptable but it will not get her the things she wants

not from us and most likely not from the world

one would think that having the sleepover taken away from her would put her on her best behavior but, no

she acted out again on saturday and on sunday

both Will and i had many talks with her this weekend

about her acting out, her lack of manners but, most importantly how we are and will be her parents forever but we would also like to be her friends

we talked once again how friends should be towards each other and how the way she has been treating us, does not make us want to be her friend

the weekend ended with a good friendly conversation, a bowl of pasta and a five day good behavior agreement towards a future sleepover

let’s hope for the best but omg three is killing me

happy monday friends. hope you all had a great weekend