a garden update

September 14 2013 004

saturday morning while i was having my breakfast at the kitchen island, Will pointed out to me the beautiful flower that had blossomed in the pond

a water hyacinth!

are you impressed i know that?

yeah, me too

i quickly finished my breakfast, grabbed my camera and got out to the yard as fast as i could

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

September 14 2013 003 September 14 2013 018 September 14 2013 017

its beautiful colors reminded me of the vibrant irises in west virginia (from THIS day)

September 14 2013 013

spending much of our time either inside or out in the backyard, we hardly spend any time in the front yard. but, how could this beauty go unnoticed?

September 14 2013 014 September 15 2013 074 and by sunday, with all the rain, more of them had blossomed

September 15 2013 079

September 14 2013 016

and this thing growing in the same bundle of green. it kind of freaks me out. it is so weird/medieval

September 14 2013 005

these grow on a short tree by the pond and it is always blooming

September 14 2013 007 September 14 2013 008

these little purple cuties are making a come back

September 14 2013 009

these pinkies on a succulent like plant

September 14 2013 010

more roses to come. i pruned the bush

September 14 2013 011

always blooming. and just to make sure, that is not rain. that is a bamboo fence in the background. i know, tricky…

September 14 2013 012

i tied some of my orchids to the tree. we will see how they do

September 14 2013 023

the little calla lily is also making a come back

September 15 2013 046

finally found out what this is growing on the walls of Lily’s balcony. it is a climbing fig aka ficus pumila. not necessarily edible although the asians do make a jelly out of it

September 14 2013 027

and you guys…. even though the carambola has become my least favorite fruit, look how beautiful its pink flowers are!

September 14 2013 028 September 14 2013 036

i climbed on the ladder but i couldn’t get any closer

September 14 2013 033

and my glass spirit ball from west virginia finally got hung up. a reminder that maybe carambola do not suck as much?