around here

September 13 2013 008


ever since i can remember i have been pretty good at sharing

and i enjoy sharing

ever since our yellow house was burglarized, i showed my concerns about sharing on HERE

we are now in a new home

a place i enjoy sharing with family and friends but, also a place i would like to share with you on here

lately i have been thinking if i am sharing enough without sharing too much

it’s a hard one isn’t it?

and since i am on the subject of sharing, i would like to share with you some blogs i visit daily

or almost daily

some of them being very quiet little corners of the internet

mama bear says

petal and plume

curate the day

rebucado acido

malt memories

mariana sabido

needle and nest

happy weekend friends

September 11 2013 001 September 11 2013 005

this little guy flew into the glass door above. happy to say he was ok after all and flew away

September 11 2013 011

this guy. do you see his face? that’s the face of a cranky dog who doesn’t want to be out in the yard unless we are there too

September 11 2013 009

walking in here always, always puts a smile on my face

September 11 2013 010

and here too

September 11 2013 007

i absolutely love the morning light in this home

September 13 2013 010

September 13 2013 011

oh hello there…

September 13 2013 012

a yummy lunch. you can see a better pic HERE

September 13 2013 025

oh you know, just talking to herself and the little fish snack in her hand

September 13 2013 027

just listening to her talking to herself

September 13 2013 039

couch shenanigans

September 13 2013 030

waiting for her playdate to arrive

September 13 2013 056

it’s not all fairies and rainbows

September 13 2013 055

wanting to play with the girls and getting in trouble for being upstairs

September 13 2013 058

a doily curtain

September 13 2013 057

and those darn carambola

September 14 2013 020

an outdoors kitchen

September 14 2013 029

the hanging of a spirit ball

September 15 2013 001

a saturday afternoon all to myself

September 15 2013 004

a breakfast

September 15 2013 008 September 15 2013 024

the making of a harajuku girl

September 15 2013 047

a very rainy and thunderous sunday. rainy week

September 15 2013 050 September 15 2013 069

busting out some moves with her pai (not pictured)