harajuku girl

September 15 2013 031

ever since Lily was born, Will and i have never really played “kid” music in the house

it was sort of an agreement he and i made while she was still in my belly

we both decided that we would rather she listen to “real” music

me being five years older than Will, i bring in a lot of eighties and nineties pop to the table while he brings in a lot of country, folk, rap and indie music to the table

between the two of us, i think Lily gets quite the large assortment of music

on this particular rainy sunday we watched some no doubt and then gwen stefani videos on youtube

Lily already knew of the harajuku girls because of two tank tops my mom had gifted her but she had never really seen the harajuku girls in action

once we finished watching youtube, she asked if i would help her dress up like a harajuku girl

this girl loves nothing more than make-up and dressing up

we went up to her room and i helped her get all harajukud out

after she had some jumping fun while singing to herself “harajuku girl”, we looked at japan on her globe and we also watched THIS short harajuku documentary

she was in awe of the harajuku culture (she watched the documentary three times and would have kept watching if i didn’t cut her off)

as of now, Lily would like to one day go to Japan dressed up like a harajuku girl, she would like to be a harajuku girl for halloween and she would also like a harajuku birthday party

it all sounds fine to me

but who knows, it could all change

it always does…

tank- gifted. skirt- target. leggings- i don’t recall. shoes- hand me downs

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