a drawing game


today i would like to share with you my favorite drawing game

i cannot recall when or where i learned it but i have a feeling that it was my teacher aunt who taught it to me

it’s a great fun game that we play as a family of three and what i love about it the most (other than it being a great way to spend family quality time) is that it really pushes the imagination and drawing skills

especially for little ones

so here we go:

1- get paper

2- get pens, crayons, markers, pencils. whatever you have. if not all

3- fold the paper in 3 even parts (we have played with 4 people like in the picture above and that works well also. just fold the paper in 4)

4- decide amongst players on whether the drawing is going to be of an animal or a human (unless it’s a free for all)

5- decide amongst players who will go first. starting with the head. obviously

6- while each player is having a turn, the other players cannot look at what that other player is drawing. remember the paper is folded in 3 (or 4)

7- after the first player is done drawing his/her part, the player will fold the drawn part in and hand the paper to the second player with a clean fold showing

8- each player will take his/her turn drawing while not looking at what has been drawn so far

9- when everyone has had their turn, the last player will go ahead and unfold and reveal the finished product

it is always a fun surprise to see what the outcome is

trust me, we have had many of laughs during this drawing game

i have saved the drawing above done by me (the head), K (the torso), Lily (the skirt) and Connie (the sandals) because i think it came out so awesome

happy ARTsy wednesday and happy drawing!

ps- if you do end up trying this game, please do stop by here and let me know how you liked it

pps- we used this melissa&doug create a person pad. this is not a sponsored post. we do love melissa&doug though