a garden update

September 22 2013 013

last weekend we did a lot of yard work once again

having a big yard means exactly that, right?

most of the yard work was done in the front this time around

we pulled out weeds, trimmed trees, wracked, swept…

when everything was done we had a huge pile-up on the street once again

trust me when i tell you that the front of the house looks a thousand times better (sorry, no pics)

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

September 22 2013 012

this was just the beginning of the work in the front. meanwhile in the back…

September 25 2013 010

the pond is looking fuller and i keep waiting for another water hyacinth

September 25 2013 011 September 25 2013 012

oh hello little patch of moss

September 25 2013 007

these just keep on taking turns

September 25 2013 008

September 25 2013 009

the cocktail tree seems to like its new spot

September 25 2013 005

new growth

September 25 2013 002

it has been a very rainy season. obviously

September 25 2013 013

the stags-horn has new growth

September 25 2013 015

and although last week’s beautiful bloom has died, a new one blossomed

September 25 2013 014