after a few friends passed THIS onto me because it made them think of Lily and i, i thought it would be fun if she and i collaborated again on some art

you may remember this collaboration?

this time around we have been just lightly collaborating

nothing too thought out, just some loose doodles while coloring

but let me tell you something about collaborating…

it is hard

for me anyway

i can be a bit (understatement) of a control freak even when it comes to my art and collaborating with Lily can sometimes put me internally over the edge

during our collaborations i am in charge of the drawing part and Lily is in charge of the coloring and decorating part

sometimes when i am done with a drawing, i am happy with its simplicity and might not feel like handing it over for color

or sometimes i might not be feeling what Lily (the almost four year old) is doing as far as decorating is concerned

at times i think these collaborations are a greater exercise for me

they definitely test my controlling ways

i am curious, have any of you collaborated in art with your littles? and how do you feel about it?

happy ARTsy wednesday and happy collaborating!

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