a sleepover

October 05 2013 004

growing up in portugal, sleepovers were never really a “thing”

sure i slept at my cousin’s house a few times but it wasn’t until i moved to the states as a teenager that i had my first sleepover

my friend Nancy had the most fun sleepovers

she invited a bunch of us girls, we would camp out in her family/tv room, watch movies, eat popcorn, talk girl talk, and then fall asleep in that same room in our sleeping bags/blankets

in the morning her parents would make the biggest and best american breakfast for us groggy teenage girls and we would hang around a bit more before going home in order to get some real and much needed sleep

this is the way i remember sleepovers

Lily has been talking about having a sleepover at our house with her friend Savannah for quite sometime

because of THIS it did not happen when it was supposed to

but, since then, Lily has had a behavior chart filled with happy faces

so, friday night was the night

the night when Savannah came over and Lily experienced her very first sleepover

there was dress-up play, pizza making, bingo, late night talking, early rising, pancake making, swimming, watercoloring and a dance party

both girls had a great time

i think Will and i hosted a pretty successful sleepover

happy monday friends

hope you all had a fun weekend

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