a garden update. carambola

September 28 2013 153

two weekends ago Will chopped a whole lot of limbs off the carambola tree

so, in honor of all the carambola that will no longer gather in large amounts on the ground in our yard, i thought it would be fun to know a few things about the yellow fruit

carambola is also known as starfruit

it is a species of tree native to Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

the tree is however also cultivated throughout non-indigenous tropical areas such as Latin America, the Caribbean and southern United States

the name starfruit comes from the distinctive ridges running down the fruit’s side. usually five but can vary

carambola can be eaten right off the tree but is also used in cooking, made into relishes, preserves and juice

carambola is rich in antioxidants, potassium and vitamin c and low in sugar, sodium and acid

however, carambola contains oxalic acid which can be severely harmful to individuals suffering from kidney failure, kidney stones or kidney dialysis treatment

the tree grows rapidly and usually produces fruit at four or five years of age and it prefers full sun exposure, humidity and plenty of rainfall

and so there you have it. a few fun facts about the nasty little fruit i have complained about often enough on here

hope you enjoyed this slightly different garden update

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

September 28 2013 157

its beautiful small and delicate flowers

September 28 2013 154 September 28 2013 156 September 28 2013 147

chopping away

September 28 2013 161

as you can see, each one of those little pink flowers turns into a small green carambola

September 28 2013 160

which then matures into the yellow carambola we all know so well