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October 05 2013 062

i met Connie in san diego in the early nineties

right away we hit it off and became inseparable

enough for people to think we were sisters

enough for us to say we were sisters

for years we lived together and near by each other in san diego

and on the east coast

and then because of our different lives, we lived apart for a long time

she back on the west coast and me on the east coast

and just like sisters we even fought and didn’t speak for quite some time

and just like sisters we made up and kept on like nothing had happened

back in july when Connie was over nyc, ending a job and not sure what to do with her life, i suggested she come to miami, stay for a while and see if it was for her

wouldn’t it be great if miami was for her and she moved here?

wouldn’t it be great if i had all my best of friends near by?

just a little selfish on my part but… it would have been great

unfortunately miami was not for Connie and she is moving back to cali today

i can’t blame her

she is a cali girl and nothing beats the golden coast

it was wonderful having her here while we did

these past couple of months we were given a chance to get to know each other once again

she got to know Will

and Lily

she got to be part of my family once again

i am thankful for the time we had

we had packing days, moving days, beach days, pool days, shopping days, netflix days, eating out days…

it felt like old times. but new times

i will miss my Connie

and i know i will not be the only one

happy friday friends

hope you all have a wonderful weekend

October 05 2013 013

a sleepover

October 05 2013 044

October 05 2013 032

these two… he is so going to miss her

October 06 2013 003

a great saturday with friends

October 06 2013 009 October 06 2013 014 October 06 2013 015 October 06 2013 033

a first

October 06 2013 043

putting on shows

October 06 2013 053 October 06 2013 070 October 06 2013 089

these two

October 06 2013 099

for a moment there were three

October 06 2013 104 October 06 2013 107

little rascal

October 06 2013 119

dressing up

October 06 2013 125 October 06 2013 133

and make up are a thing. at home

October 06 2013 142

we had beach intentions

October 10 2013 024

a breakfast

October 10 2013 025

pool time

October 10 2013 028 October 10 2013 036

October 10 2013 054

he’s spoiled i tell you

October 10 2013 060

play time

October 10 2013 061

one last hoorah

October 10 2013 066 October 10 2013 071 October 10 2013 074

my girls

and this one is for you Connie