a seasons project. fall

October 13 2013 037

is it fall yet?

it is fall…

although hard to tell here in the always tropical miami, the humidity is gone, temperatures have dropped (slightly), the light has changed and leaves are beginning to change a bit as well

it is hard to teach a little one about seasons when there are hardly any obvious ones

on a cooler than usual sunday morning, i proposed a fall project to Lily with fall things we had in the yard and in the house

we gathered sticks, leaves, we grabbed some apples from the fridge and art supplies from the art cabinet

my biggest mission for this project was to not only teach Lily about fall but seasons in general

while setting up, we began talking about fall

what happens in the fall, what fall colors are, fall fruits…

with that, Lily chose her paint colors. yellow, orange, red and brown

we also discussed the parts of a tree

the roots, the tree trunk, the branches and the leaves

while she dipped leaves in paint and pressed them onto the poster board, we discussed the order of the seasons and their cycle

we also discussed that after a full cycle, a whole year passes and a new one begins

the project in itself turned out well, was easy and not too messy

but that wasn’t the mission

the mission was for Lily to learn about seasons

which she did

hands on

winter is next

happy ARTsy wednesday!

October 13 2013 019

what we used:

poster board- sticks- leaves- apples (cut in half)- glue- paint- paper plates (or whatever you would like to use for paint dipping)- small forks (optional)

October 13 2013 020

i thought it would be easier to dip the apples in the paint if they had something to hold onto

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et voila!