around here

October 12 2013 018

it may not look like it from these pictures but it was a bit of an emotionally and health wise tough week around here

with Connie gone this past week, Lily and i really missed her presence

Lily and Connie became the best of buds while she was here and it was apparent that Lily really missed her friend while trying hard to not show it

i think i tried my hardest not to show it also

i tried to stay strong for Lily and tried to just keep on keepin’ on meanwhile my best friend of over twenty years who i was hoping would move to miami, moved to california instead

while trying to focus on things around the house and the garden, inside i was sad

after working retail for decades and being surrounded by people daily, and then becoming a full time stay at home mom, i think this past week i realized that maybe, just maybe i have been a little lonely?

it was great having Connie here

someone to remind me and make me feel like the old me and to do things with during the day while Will was at work and Lily at school

a partner in crime who knows me better than most people and makes things effortless

needless to say, i was/am sad but also am thankful for the time we had together and happy for the opportunity she was offered

it was a tough week for Lily health wise (and us sleep wise)

she only made it to school one day this week due to whatever little bug is going around

anyway, here’s to a good weekend and a better week to follow

happy friday friends

September 27 2013 003

the person who lived in this room was very much missed this week

October 12 2013 010

these little guys

October 17 2013 005

October 12 2013 003

i had been waiting for over a month

October 12 2013 028


October 12 2013 024

new solar garden magic

October 12 2013 027 October 12 2013 030

a leaf umbrella

October 12 2013 034

you know, just a fox chillin’….

October 12 2013 039

the bed pack

October 12 2013 047

butt and fart jokes are the funniest

October 12 2013 052

night garden magic

October 12 2013 054 October 12 2013 057

my camera playing tricks on me. it was def not a full moon

October 13 2013 004

breakfast al fresco

October 13 2013 006

feeding the fish

October 13 2013 010 October 13 2013 011

new water hyacinth

October 13 2013 015

Will found her in the pond. now she has a new happier spot

October 13 2013 008 October 13 2013 021

a seasons project. fall

October 13 2013 041

what does the fox say?

October 13 2013 042

she named him sammy

October 14 2013 057

the ship is bananas. a playdate

October 14 2013 084 October 14 2013 112

bath mermaids

October 15 2013 006

a sick day home from school

October 15 2013 017

not one, not two, but three water hyacinths

October 15 2013 025 October 15 2013 037

a carambola project

October 15 2013 040

sizing up the squirrels

October 15 2013 052

“mama look how humungous that leaf is!!”

October 15 2013 058

baked cookies on a stay home from school day

October 17 2013 002

and yet another sick day