a carambola project

October 15 2013 037

if you are a frequent visitor here, you know that i have done my share of complaining about the carambola tree in our backyard

that said, it was while complaining on THIS post that Katie suggested using the carambola for stamping

how genius!!!

why had i not thought of it? (not that i am calling myself a genius…)

there was no real mission about this project other then to see if carambolas would make good stamps and to let Lily have some art fun during a sick day home from school

we succeeded at both

i am happy that those darn carambolas are good for something and Lily totally had fun mixing paint colors and stamping

i might even try to do something with them myself in the near future

happy ARTsy wednesday!

October 15 2013 028

what we used:

a carambola cut in half, paper, paper plates, paint

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