a garden update

October 06 2013 266

unlike a lot of you in colder places, autumn here in miami is not quite as noticeable

it doesn’t necessarily get way cooler, leaves don’t really turn…

but there are certain fall things that one can’t miss

like the days getting shorter and the light changing

although it is officially fall, everything in our yard is still going like it always has

when something dies, a new one just takes its place

i guess that is the good thing about living in a tropical place

there is always sunshine. and rain

everything is always growing

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

October 06 2013 264

when we first moved to this house just a little over a month ago, we replanted this huge hibiscus tree from its big pot into the ground. i didn’t think it would make it. soon after we replanted it, a lot of leaves fell off and it looked like it was not going to survive. i am happy to say there is so much new life growing on it

October 14 2013 037 October 14 2013 038

October 06 2013 273

the oregano we replanted is doing great and Lily’s beans would be doing better if that little rascal Foxy didn’t keep munching on them like a snack

October 06 2013 283

the roses keep taking turns

October 10 2013 008

October 14 2013 020

October 10 2013 013

and so do the ginger flowers

October 10 2013 011 October 10 2013 012

October 10 2013 009

the cocktail tree is doing great and i see someone thinks so as well

October 10 2013 007

the hibiscus bush we brought from the yellow house had not blossomed in over a month. i was missing its beautiful flowers. and then one morning, there it was

October 12 2013 003

October 06 2013 282

you see those green seed like things? they drive me crazy because they fall and then this happens:

October 06 2013 281

Foxy will not learn his lesson. he likes eating them, and then he comes inside and vomits all over my rugs. bad dog!

October 10 2013 018

we moved this potted tree when we moved here and it is finally blooming. its small white flowers smell a bit like gardenias but it is not a gardenia tree. anyone recognize it?

October 10 2013 016 October 06 2013 285

and lots of new green life. overload? maybe. but that’s how our garden grows

October 06 2013 277 October 10 2013 020 October 10 2013 019