the things she says

October 23 2013 044

when i told her it was dinner time:

“well, i’m not going to eat dinner right now because i’m a tiger. and tigers don’t eat at night. they search for food”

on a walk back home:

“mama, look at all those birds! it’s like a dinosaur farted and it was like a volcano and all the birds flew out”

while undressing to shower:

“mama, my socks smell like pickles. stinky pickles. peeeeeeeew!”

after showering while wrapped in her towel:

“mama, can i be the queen of no underwear on?”

while playing with her princesses, i told her that prince eric couldn’t marry more than one princess:

“yes he can mama. cause this is a different kind of ball”

on most mornings right after she wakes:

“mama, look how beautiful the sky is”

oh three, you started out rough but you have been good

i will miss you

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