November 07 2013 003

it was quite the birthday celebration week for Lily

we started with a forth birthday party on saturday but her birthday was not until thursday

last year for Lily’s birthday (HERE), her big present was a pink bed like she had been asking for

this year, wednesday night, while she slept, Will put together a bike for her and we set it up with a balloon and a birthday banner for when she woke up

we felt like a bike would be the next big kid thing to learn to do

when she woke up thursday morning and walked downstairs she was once again happily surprised by what awaited her

immediately she got on her new bike and tried to ride it

it will take some time…

after opening some other small gifts (this book and these pants), we then sang happy birthday to her over a pink rainbow sprinkled candle lit donut

once she had her sweet breakfast treat, she got dressed and was then off to school to celebrate yet some more with her school mates and teachers (we sent some bunnie cakes cupcakes)

a movie and ice cream on lincoln rd in miami beach is what she requested to do after school and that is exactly what she got

cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2, doraku and the frieze

the girl knows what she wants

it was a great way to welcome four

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