46/52. twenty thirteen

November 13 2013 009

“a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013”


tomorrow she will participate in her first theater production called coming out of our shel

a collection of Shel Silverstein’s poems that this talented mama put together with the help of some other drama teachers

Lily will be doing the LOVE poem as well as joining in some other skits

all the children (of all ages) and adults have been working so hard once a week for weeks now

i can’t wait to see the final product

here she is wearing a rockstar headband. one of ten that i made for the finale of the show

November 11 2013 005

Foxy Brown

playing guard dog

joining Jodi with the 52 project

ps- even though i blog daily, i am really trying not have major anxiety attacks when i post the 52 project because it really counts down the weeks, doesn’t it?