a what i/we wore post

August 30 2013 014

do you ever like something so much you buy two?

i am that person with certain clothing items

like this skirt

it was on sale at target, it fit well, the colors were nice and bright, it’s an easy piece…

so, i bought two (the other one HERE)

i have done that in the past with shoes, skirts, tops

as long as they are reasonably priced of course

do you that?

on me: top&shoes- f41. necklace- icreate. skirt- target

ps- this is what we were to a quiet birthday celebration

pps- in case you were wondering, no i have not gone back to our yellow house to take pictures. this post has been in the draft box since august. there you go, now you know my blogging secret

August 30 2013 016 August 30 2013 017 August 30 2013 019 August 30 2013 020 August 30 2013 007

on Lily: hair clips- f21. dress- gifted. sandals- salt water

August 30 2013 010 August 30 2013 011