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November 17 2013 009

another week closer to thanksgiving, another week closer to christmas, another week closer to my birthday, another week closer to a new year…


speaking of anxiety, i didn’t want to believe it, or listen to my own body but, the last couple of weeks i started noticing that after i would drink my coffee, i would become filled with anxiety

my heart would race, i couldn’t start a project fast enough, or enough of them

not a good feeling

i was only drinking one cup of coffee in the morning but, this week i substituted it for caffeine free tea

i have found much needed inner peace since i did the switch

although i love coffee, it’s not worth the anxiety, you know?

i have given it up in the past, so i am sure i will pick it up once again in the future

i must say though, all that anxiety (and retrograde lifting) gave me the motivation i have been needing to do such things like cleaning out my closet, storage bins, and the shed in order to soon have a private backyard “shop my closet” sale

happy friday friends. it’s been quite the week. looking forward to the weekend

have a great one!

oh, and ladies (and i guess some gentleman), this wonderful documentary: fabulous fashionistas

November 17 2013 005 November 17 2013 013

best home made apple pie

November 17 2013 004

a rainy friday afternoon treat

November 14 2013 017

laundry. there is always laundry

November 17 2013 011

found more paintings to hang. or store…

November 17 2013 019

mornings in the yard. thankful for cooler weather

November 17 2013 017

squirrel watcher

November 17 2013 021

i’ve been spending more time out here

November 17 2013 025

a butterfly in the making

November 17 2013 215

coming out of our shel

November 17 2013 225

November 18 2013 001

morning tea

November 18 2013 005

a half sick day. and then a whole sick day

November 18 2013 053


November 18 2013 055

in the afternoon light

November 18 2013 056

November 20 2013 018

telling me about her restaurant where she has pigs in the back, kills them with a bow and arrow and then cooks them. yummy

November 20 2013 028

veggie lizard

November 20 2013 033 November 20 2013 038

this still happens sometimes but not as often as it used to

November 20 2013 046