a list


every year, for years now i have made a christmas list

it helps santa and well, it’s fun to make a list of desired items that could potentially end up wrapped up under the tree with my name on it

excitedly i make a list every year because every year i am excited and looking forward to the holidays

this year, i wasn’t going to make a list

perhaps it’s a bit early but i am not looking forward to the holidays like i usually am

i am looking forward to seeing loved ones but as far as the holidays themselves…. meh

i am hoping this will change and i will no matter what still try to whole heartedly be into it for Lily

it should be all about her anyway

she is the kid and the one who truly still believes in the magic of christmas

that said, Will asked me to make a list

and since i just recently went through my closet, drawers, storage bins and cleaned everything out, i guess there are a few things i could list

– pajamas and loungewear. loving these (lg), these (lg), these (lg), these (lg)

– leggings and socks. loving these (grey lg), these (heathered grey rose lg), these (in blk), these (blue)

– i love stripes. this (navy m or lg), this (m/l), this (lg)

– i’m always a sucker for a beautiful top/tunic. this (papaya m), this (midnight or ivory lg), this (petal lg), this (peach fuzz m)

– these things look cozy and wonderful. this (grey m), this (white m), this (m)

– and because it would not be my list without a pair of boots, these (9). some of my favorite colors all in one bootie

and there you have it my dear santa, a list

what’s on your list?

(photo credit here)