a what i/we wore post

December 04 2013 031 - Copy

i have had this dress since before Lily was born

i bought it and wore it before i got pregnant and wore it throughout my pregnancy

even though i have not worn it since Lily was born, it was one of those pieces i could never get rid of when i would clean out my closet (i don’t listen to the “get rid of anything you haven’t worn in a year” rule)

when i was getting ready for the opening of basel, i pulled it out and Lily who was helping me get ready said “YES! wear that one”

it was nice “shopping” something new in my own closet but yet have something of my own with a history and so many memories

do you listen to the one year closet cleaning rule or do you keep things for a long time even though you might not wear them for years?

December 04 2013 032

dress- zara. blazer- f41. necklace- icreate. clutch- gap (so old). booties- aldo

December 04 2013 037 December 04 2013 041

icreate necklace

December 04 2013 024

on Lily: dress- hand me down. leggings- old navy. booties- target

December 04 2013 025 December 04 2013 026 December 04 2013 029 December 04 2013 031

seriously, this girl… amazing