salt dough gift tags

December 10 2013 009

it was eighty four degrees here in miami yesterday

let me tell you something, it is sooooooo hard getting into the spirit of christmas under those hot conditions

but, i know it will be here before i know it and there is a certain four year old who is oh so excited beyond words and i cannot let her down

so i am trying to stay ahead of the game

i googled for a salt dough gift tags recipe and found THIS one

last year Lily and i made salt dough ornaments

making the tags was pretty much the same thing as making the ornaments but i chose to not use food coloring

i followed THIS recipe for the tags however, i ended up adding 1/4 cup more flour because the dough was still too sticky and i actually baked them at 300 (instead of 200) for twenty minutes, flipped them over and baked the other side for another fifteen/twenty minutes

i debated about wrapping the gifts in brown paper with red yarn but i chose to buy beautiful hand made indian paper from a local shop near us

i always admire it every time i go in there

the rudolph paper was a must since Lily is obsessed

happy ARTsy wednesday!

December 10 2013 001 December 10 2013 002

roller, play dough top instead of cookie cutter and straw (to make the hole on the tag)

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