a garden update

December 09 2013 016

there haven’t been large visible changes in our yard

but there have been tiny detailed ones instead

the kind that make you stop and REALLY look

i keep waiting for things to bloom because really, it’s not cold but i guess it is 10-15 degrees cooler than what it normally is

miami winter…

the biggest surprise this week was “the boat”

as i approached it to take pictures of the yellow mushrooms growing out from its bottom, when i looked inside it was like a mushroom party going on in there!

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

December 09 2013 008 December 09 2013 010 December 09 2013 011 December 09 2013 013

wild right?

December 09 2013 017

the small hibiscus bushes we recently bought are loaded with buds and i just keep waiting….

December 11 2013 001

and then voila

December 09 2013 034

the hibiscus tree however blooms often

December 09 2013 032

and to my susprise, i found a water hyacinth in the pond one morning

December 11 2013 007

and then another the following morning