harajuku basel style

December 06 2013 011

it has been a while since i have done a solo Lily fashion post (who remembers the weekly small style posts?)

she usually just participates in the a what i/we wore posts but i thought it was time to update you on her fashion

Lily these days…. the brighter the better

anything pink is still very much in as is anything tiger, rudolph and animal prints seem to be very well liked lately too

oh, and let’s not forget harajuku style. that is high up there

i can still pick out her clothes sometimes but she has to agree

if she doesn’t like what i came up with, she will pick her own (excuse me)

for the most part i think she does ok (it helps that i am still the one buying her clothes) but i must say that sometimes there are some really funky picks

and why not, it’s all fun and part of getting to know oneself and experimenting, isn’t it?

on this particular friday, she picked this outfit to wear to a basel evening in wynwood with friends

she wanted harajuku style

i think she nailed it

sweater- gifted. dress- mini harajuku (gifted). leggings- target. boots- old navy

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