west virginia moments. part two

December 17 2013 002

usually on fridays i post around here, a round up of our week in pictures

because i have so many (oh so many) west virginia pictures, i decided to post west virginia moments. part two

it has been a funny week

we got back from savannah on sunday, monday and tuesday were spent unpacking and cleaning and we quickly got ready to bring in the new year

all while battling the worst cough. all of us

new years eve was spent with neighbors and friends, Lily tried her hardest to make it until midnight however she fell five minutes short

we watched the fireworks from our bedroom terrace and soon after we were all asleep

new years day was spent on miami beach with our dearest DD and K, our miami family. reunited. it had been a while

twenty thirteen had a rough start and it somewhat continued throughout the year

a miscarriage, a burglary, family bullshit. from my side. a lot of family bullshit actually

it was enough to kind of stunt me

i didn’t paint as much as i wanted to, i wasn’t as physical/active as much as i wanted to, i wasn’t as adventurous as much as i wanted to…

all things to work on in this new year of twenty fourteen

but, twenty thirteen also had its greatness, moving into a new home we love, having Connie come stay with us for a while, fun travel trips…

spending christmas in west virginia with family and new years day with our other family, made me realize once again how blessed we are to have such wonderful people in our lives


happy friday friends. i wish you all a wonderful weekend

we will be in the yard doing major work we have been avoiding

December 17 2013 010

dreamy snowy days

December 16 2013 123

Will coming home for lunch

December 16 2013 129

getting christmas ready

December 16 2013 166 December 16 2013 174

being a silly musician in her west virginia bedroom

December 16 2013 180 December 16 2013 186

a favorite hour. a favorite view

December 16 2013 188

water coloring

December 16 2013 195

a beautiful full moon

December 17 2013 033

oh the magic of christmas

December 17 2013 059

December 17 2013 043

a christmas list/letter

December 17 2013 046 December 17 2013 048 December 17 2013 050

shells and christmas lights

December 17 2013 066

snowy nights

December 18 2013 001

icicles, icicles

December 18 2013 008

December 18 2013 004

a spot where she has been sitting since she was born

December 18 2013 006

a favorite window. a favorite curtain

to be continued…