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January 02 2014 026

surprise! a miami post

i thought i would save you all from the cold and snow for a little bit

this past week despite all of us still being on antibiotics for this cough, things finally felt like they were back in rhythm for us

Lily started school and a new ballet class this week, Will was busy with work and i was busy with house and blog/photography stuff

it was quite the rainy week (something i never mind) and so it was perfect for staying in

this weekend we are looking forward to seeing some friends, an ikea trip (exciting!), and maybe even a mama night out (oh hey now, don’t get crazy)

happy friday friends

hope you all have an amazing weekend

ps- i would also like to share with you some new to me blogs

floral mountains, house inhabit and this is paper

January 02 2014 002

bath time

January 02 2014 001

just another day…

January 03 2014 001

down time

January 04 2014 001

grateful that we get to have such delicious goodies all year long

January 04 2014 004

a garden update. my orchids are budding

January 04 2014 011 January 05 2014 021

cooking sessions

January 05 2014 041

January 06 2014 022

Lily’s bedroom is by far the happiest room in this home

January 06 2014 023 January 06 2014 029

January 06 2014 007

back to school

January 06 2014 018 January 06 2014 025

the most beautiful and thoughtful birthday gift

January 06 2014 026

Lily in a snow globe

January 07 2014 071

the enchanted forest

January 07 2014 091