west virginia moments. part four

December 23 2013 062

mornings for us are usually slow moving

we wake up anywhere between seven-eight, we have snuggle cuddle time in bed, Lily has her breakfast, Will has his coffee, i have my tea, Lily gets ready for school, Will gets ready for work, i get Lily’s school lunch ready and before nine, Lily and Will are both out the door

yesterday however, Lily walked into our room holding a book ready for snuggle cuddle time at eight twenty one

eight twenty one!

we quickly jumped out of bed and told her that we had slept in and we had to rush

she began to cry

she wanted to read a book, snuggle cuddle time and her regular slow moving morning

the word rush is not yet in her vocabulary (or her body)

Lily is a slow walker and a slow doer

a few more tears were shed as we moved along but we pushed on through

both Lily and Will were out the door at regular time

some mornings you just got to push on through a little harder

and a little faster

 this is west virginia part four

only one more part left

hope you are all having a great week so far

December 21 2013 044

a fiddlehead night

December 21 2013 052

a favorite coffee spot in fifty degree weather

December 21 2013 053

give me moss

December 21 2013 056

still seeking warmth

December 21 2013 059

our homemade paper and salt dough gift tags

December 21 2013 063

a christmas pyramid

December 23 2013 052

three generations baking

December 23 2013 055

delicious homemade baked goodies

December 23 2013 064 December 23 2013 065

best lemon bars. ever

December 23 2013 053

filling up

December 23 2013 057

canine love

December 23 2013 063

a cozy fire

December 23 2013 066

santa and his reindeer by Lily

December 25 2013 002

the snow began to fall hard once again

December 25 2013 005 December 25 2013 007 December 25 2013 008

to be continued…