a garden update. miami

December 11 2013 018

the yard…

it is quite green these days

the occasional flower blooms but for the most part, green

we have had a lot of dark rainy days. which would be fine if it was cold too

but no

our vegetable garden is suffering big time

the cucumbers that sprouted so quickly after we planted them are gone

so are the peas

the peppers and the tomatoes seem to be surviving

which i am happy about because our garden tomatoes last year were the best i have ever had

on the other hand, my orchids are budding!

i am so excited

i tied them to the trees in the yard when we first moved into this house back in september and i wished for the best

well, they are doing great

i cannot wait for them to bloom

we also got two new additions to the garden this week

Will and Lily brought home the most beautiful pink rose bush and orange/lime tree from ikea

the pink roses were definitely a great pop of color against all the green in the yard this week

joining Annie for how does your garden grow?

December 11 2013 021

i am not sure what kind of plant/tree this is but its tiny blooms are just beautiful

December 11 2013 013

cucumber flowers. they were looking so promising…

January 14 2014 033

budding orchids. so excited

January 04 2014 013 January 04 2014 008

the ginger flowers just keep on keepin’ on

January 04 2014 018 January 04 2014 020


January 04 2014 003

these delicate beauties. not sure what they are. they are orchid like but could also be in the iris family? anyone know?

January 12 2014 050 January 04 2014 006

our cocktail tree looked like it wasn’t doing too well but it has the tiniest lime on it and it is in full bloom

January 14 2014 031

January 14 2014 028

i wait…

January 12 2014 049

the new orange/lime tree is also in full bloom

January 12 2014 052

and last but certainly not least, the beautiful new roses. my favorite shade of pink

January 13 2014 041January 13 2014 006