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January 12 2014 008

life has been good to Will and i

we found love in each other seven years ago, we are blessed with a wonderful daughter (seriously, she is amazing), we have loving families and friends, we live in a beautiful house in a wonderful neighborhood…

we are very, very blessed

with all that said, Will and i cannot help but to often think about living elsewhere

together and on our own we still think about living in a place where the trees are taller, the weather is cooler and the skyscape does not include just highrises

as good as miami has been to us, in our hearts we roam elsewhere


not knowing exactly where that place is, we stay put where we are and have been for the past decade

but we know that time is ticking

we know that it all gets much harder once Lily starts “real” school

it is a thought and a feeling we live with daily

we may not speak of it to each other all the time but i know it is there for him as much as it is there for me

i know we will eventually figure it out

hopefully sooner than later

happy friday friends

wishing you all a lovely weekend

ps- i took a lot of pictures this week. i guess i was inspired by the cooler weather

January 08 2014 020

these legs, they just keep growing…

January 09 2014 034

she has told me several times that kids at school don’t want to play with her. i just don’t understand that. fuck those kids. it’s their loss i tell you

January 09 2014 018

hot chocolate cures all

January 10 2014 018

already talking about the next costume for halloween

January 10 2014 023


January 11 2014 001

morning after a sleepover

January 11 2014 004


January 11 2014 005 January 11 2014 014


January 11 2014 024

a painting weekend for me

January 12 2014 055

a self portrait

January 12 2014 041

morning snuggles

January 12 2014 050

a garden update

January 12 2014 052

a new rose bush

January 13 2014 028

pretend fishing in the fish pond

January 13 2014 035

she’s a climber

January 14 2014 010

after school snack. she chose a carrot

January 15 2014 023

being a topless chef cooking for shrimp taco night

January 15 2014 026 - Copy

a what i wore post. stripes and polkas

January 16 2014 027

a what i wore post. color. lots of it

January 15 2014 042

a fairy garden. before

January 16 2014 008

and after

January 16 2014 001

little pizza maker

January 15 2014 135

ballet and tap