west virginia moments. part five

December 25 2013 079

well, we are at the end of january (already?) and i am still posting about west virginia

on those last two days of our trip, Lily finally got to see her sister-cousin

and if you ask her what her favorite part of west virginia was, she will tell you that it was just that

seeing her sister-cousin

and, this sums up west virginia moments

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hope you are all having a great week so far

December 25 2013 012

always helping in the kitchen

December 25 2013 013 December 25 2013 015 December 25 2013 139

and on a gloriously sunny and snowy christmas day

December 26 2013 001

morning bed play

December 26 2013 011

sister- cousins

December 26 2013 038

snow painting

December 26 2013 043 December 26 2013 042


December 26 2013 048

one more christmas dinner

December 26 2013 049


December 26 2013 056

until next time west virginia. i miss everything about you already